Blogging To The Bank Is Your Blog Earning Money

If you have ever wanted to earn money through blogging but found hardly any success at it, then you probably should straighten up in your chair and read what I got to say. Now for starters you probably heard that you could just start a blog, write about something you know, slap some Adsense and some Affiliate links on it and you are off to earning some money.

Come on, you and I both know that your earnings (if any) are not substantial. I am willing to bet that you have not even been paid your first Adsense check yet. Now before I come off sounding like a “rude” guy, let me explain to you something of importance to me. I was in the same boat as you once. I thought I could just go over to Blogger and create me a blog, write a few posts and expect people to stop by and click on my ads or buy from my affiliate links. Man, I was sadly mistaken. I found it to be one of the hardest things to accomplish with all of my online endeavors. Not only was I NOT getting clicks but I was not even getting that many visitors. I finally gave in and decided that I was not going to get anywhere using blogs this way.

I was going to need a solid system that would allow my blogs to get traffic. That’s about the time “Blogging To The Bank” by Rob Benwell came. I am here to tell you that if it was not for the eBook then I would have gave up long ago. I am not going to go into what the book told or showed me, but I will tell you that it saved me tons of research on how to optimize my blogs for Search Engines and to research a profitable product to promote. If you have not read the book then I imagine you are not doing that well with your blog. If I am wrong I suggest you leave this article now. If I am right then I would STRONGLY suggest you stick around. I am primed to “spill the beans” right here, right now on how to make your blogs “money-makers”.

First off, you need just quit listening to people who tell you that blogging is the next generation of making money on the Internet. While it may be the next “Big Thing”, how would they know? It’s a fact that 95% of people who blog are not earning “substantial” income from their efforts. Now the 5% that are earning and earning “good” are either blogs that have “staff” or a group of people that manage them. They are able to write up to a dozen articles or posts a day because they have more than one person dedicated to the blog. Well, I really do not want to hire someone else to help me. I’m “greedy” and expect to earn and keep everything I make. But, there is a select group of individuals “out there” that are earning the big bucks because they have that “die trying” attitude. The aggressive people are reaping big time rewards from search engine traffic and there is absolutely no reason why you are not or should not be allowed to know how they are doing it.

Every big Adsense or Affiliate earner knows that it is a numbers game on the Net. The more sites, the more ads, the more affiliate programs and links equal more money. The same goes in respect to blogging. Obviously the more blogs, articles, and posts you have then the bigger chance you have at getting visitors. Now I see that you are still here reading and your expecting some kind of “kicker” or sales pitch. Well, again I am going to surprise you with not giving you one. All I am trying to tell you are that people are spreading the word that blogging is so easy to earn from. Well, since you decided to read this whole article I imagine that you are in that 95% that is not earning. I bet you though that I was going to give some information on how to earn more income from your blogs. Well, it is in my understanding that people who tell you how to earn are not really doing that well themselves.

The people who are earning comfortably are not going to tell you their “secrets”. Like I said “it is a numbers game”. The more people that find out what we are doing to earn so easily off our blogs are just going to replicate the system and then it will not be so profitable.

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